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Bible Study

Small Groups are more than Bible study! Jesus intended us to live in close community that impacts the world around us.  

Check out one of our small group witnessing communities to grow as a disciple and reach out to the people around you. Clicking on the "Get Connected" tab above is a great way to plug-in. Or show up at the times listed below! Contact a staff if you want to start something to reach a different area or community on campus!

Feel free to try one based on interest, location, or day/time. (But proximity and common interest increases community!)

STEM Small Group

Day & time: Wednesday 7pm  Location: Union South in the Sett, 2nd floor

Leaders: Matt Silveus - send email  - call/text at 608-two-four-seven-6479

Waters Hall small group

Day & time: Wednesday 7pm  Location: Waters Hall in Liz's Market

Leader: Nicole Meyers - send email - call/text at 815-three-eight-two-3448

STEM Small Group

Day & Time: Tuesday 7pm Location: Engineering Hall, entry area by the desk (towards Camp Randall)

Leader: Jon Van Veen - send email - call/text at 608-two-two-five-0875, Zavery Dickson - send email - 920-two-three-eight-0726

Southeast Small Group

Day & time: Tuesday 8pm Location: Gordons, second floor at tables.

Leader: Haley Knight - send email - 262-four-zero-two-8700, Nancy Miller - send email - 920-five-zero-nine-8524